Nanowerk Nanotechnology Research News Nanotechnology Nanotechnology research news headlines from Nanowerk Copyright Nanowerk LLC en-us Mon, 11 May 2015 14:56:39 -0400 Scientists have successfully visualized anisotropic carrier motion by using time-resolved microscopic optical second-harmonic generation (TRM-SHG) imaging.

]]> Mon, 11 May 2015 03:34:42 -0400 An international team of scientists have pioneered a new technique to embed transparent, flexible graphene electrodes into fibres commonly associated with the textile industry. ]]> Mon, 11 May 2015 09:53:04 -0400 Physicists were able to show for the first time that the nuclear spins of single molecules can be detected with the help of magnetic particles at room temperature. ]]> Mon, 11 May 2015 10:07:44 -0400 Tuning up Rydberg atoms for quantum information applications. ]]> Mon, 11 May 2015 12:37:11 -0400 Researchers produced biocompatible and biodegradable non-ionic polymeric nanocarriers that can be used in the targeted anticancer drug delivery. ]]> Sat, 09 May 2015 04:24:55 -0400 Precise control of interactions between light and vibrating mirrors at the level of single light particles could open a new field of complex quantum physical states. ]]> Fri, 08 May 2015 04:09:31 -0400 By speeding up a real atomic force microscope and slowing down a simulation of one, researchers have conducted the first atomic-scale experiments on friction at overlapping speeds. ]]> Fri, 08 May 2015 04:16:39 -0400 Scientists have not only uncovered the quantitative secret to understanding friction in materials, like graphite, they even invented a way to measure it. ]]> Fri, 08 May 2015 04:25:22 -0400 A convenient procedure to visualize defects on graphene layers by mapping the surface of carbon materials with an appropriate contrast agent. ]]> Fri, 08 May 2015 09:07:07 -0400 Plant-based cellulose nanofibres do not pose a short-term health risk, especially short fibres, shows a new study. ]]> Thu, 07 May 2015 14:32:51 -0400 Researchers have discovered a novel way of combining plasmonic and magneto-optical effects. They experimentally demonstrated that patterning of magnetic materials into arrays of nanoscale dots can lead to a very strong and highly controllable modification of the polarization of light when the beam reflects from the array. ]]> Thu, 07 May 2015 07:48:59 -0400 In a study that could open doors for new applications of photonics from molecular sensing to wireless communications, scientists have discovered a new method to tune the light-induced vibrations of nanoparticles through slight alterations to the surface to which the particles are attached. ]]> Thu, 07 May 2015 10:01:40 -0400 Scientists have found a way to control heat propagation in photonic nano-sized devices, which will be used for high speed communications and quantum information technologies. ]]> Thu, 07 May 2015 10:26:46 -0400 Engineers have devised a process to repair leaksin graphene, filling cracks and plugging holes using a combination of chemical deposition and polymerization techniques. The team then used a process it developed previously to create tiny, uniform pores in the material, small enough to allow only water to pass through. ]]> Thu, 07 May 2015 14:32:37 -0400 Researchers have succeeded in creating a new 'whispering gallery' effect for electrons in a sheet of graphene - making it possible to precisely control a region that reflects electrons within the material. They say the accomplishment could provide a basic building block for new kinds of electronic lenses, as well as quantum-based devices that combine electronics and optics. ]]> Thu, 07 May 2015 14:31:44 -0400 The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) will hold the second in a series of free webinars focusing on the experiences, successes, and challenges for small- and medium-sized nanotechnology businesses and on issues of interest to the nanotechnology business community on Wednesday May 20, 2015 from 2-3pm EDT. ]]> Thu, 07 May 2015 15:00:17 -0400 The National Nanotechnology Coordination Office (NNCO) has announced the winner of the first EnvisioNano nanotechnology image contest for students. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 02:18:49 -0400 Scientists are inching closer to developing a nano-scale drug delivery system with the aim of specifically targeting cancer cells. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 08:45:44 -0400 Scientists are reporting progress toward that goal with the development of a novel DNA-based GPS. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 09:51:05 -0400 Scientists have developed a simple, thermometer-like device that could help doctors diagnose heart attacks with minimal materials and cost. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 09:56:34 -0400 Researchers devise new technique to produce long, custom-designed DNA strands. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 11:33:28 -0400 Researchers developed an inkjet printing technology to produce kesterite thin film absorbers (CZTSSe). Based on the inkjet-printed absorbers, solar cells with total area conversion efficiency of up to 6.4 % have been achieved. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 13:02:48 -0400 Technology in common household humidifiers could enable the next wave of high-tech medical imaging and targeted medicine, thanks to a new method for making tiny silicone microspheres. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 13:15:55 -0400 Some substances, when they undergo a process called rapid-freezing or supercooling, remain in liquid form - even at below-freezing temperatures. A new study is the first to break down the rules governing the complex process of crystallization through rapid-cooling. Its findings may revolutionize the delivery of drugs in the human body, providing a way to 'freeze' the drugs at an optimal time and location in the body. ]]> Wed, 06 May 2015 13:30:05 -0400 Electronics is based on the manipulation of electrons and other charge carriers, but in addition to charge, electrons possess a property known as spin. When spin is manipulated with magnetic and electric fields, the result is a spin-polarised current that carries more information than is possible with charge alone. Spin-transport electronics, or spintronics, is a subject of active investigation within Europe's Graphene Flagship. ]]> Tue, 05 May 2015 05:50:24 -0400 Researchers have found that covering an implantable neural electrode with nanoporous gold could eliminate the risk of scar tissue forming over the electrode?s surface. ]]> Tue, 05 May 2015 06:06:12 -0400 Researchers have developed an inexpensive technique called 'microcombing' to align carbon nanotubes (CNTs), which can be used to create large, pure CNT films that are stronger than any previous such films. The technique also improves the electrical conductivity that makes these films attractive for use in electronic and aerospace applications. ]]> Tue, 05 May 2015 06:13:20 -0400 Researchers have discovered topologically protected one-dimensional electron conducting channels at the domain walls of bilayer graphene. These conducting channels are 'valley polarized', which means they can serve as filters for electron valley polarization in future devices such as quantum computers. ]]> Tue, 05 May 2015 06:19:22 -0400 Researchers have found that silver nanoparticles produced with an extract of wormwood, an herb with strong antioxidant properties, can stop several strains of the deadly fungus phytophthora. ]]> Tue, 05 May 2015 06:22:27 -0400 Researchers successfully fabricated halide organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite field-effect transistors and measure their electrical characteristics at room temperature. ]]> Tue, 05 May 2015 08:57:12 -0400

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